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Custom Plasma Globe
14" Plasma Globe in Blue/Violet Colors On Custom Gloss Black Base

Plasma Globes



Processed to the highest standards in the industry, these globes are made to provide years of mesmerizing performance.

• Available from 14” to 30” in diameter
• Refill and repair service available


Red and Blue Plasma Globe


Available Colors: The only colors we recommend for the plasma globe are Blue/Violet or Red/Blue. Other colors can be produced but we do not guarantee that the plasma globe will last long. Some mixes of gases may produce the desired color, other than what is mentioned above, but it usually is not stable and does not last long.

These globes are often used in custom displays and do not come with a base.

We can make a base for these globes such as the one shown above. Call to inquire.

Approximate Price for bases $625-$1045

Base will include a fan, for ventilation, as power supply will be enclosed in base.

18" Dia - $4390

22" Dia - $6985

24" Dia - $8730

30" Dia - $21,840

Call or Email Us for Quote
with packaging and shipping cost

Power Supply is not included in the above prices
Power Supply -
Price: $450

Power supply comes with a control knob to adjust the speed of the lighting effect.

DELIVERY 2-4 weeks (typical)


Lightning Tubes

White is only color option for Lightning tubes

By combining the shapes of blown glass with different gases and electronic circuits, an endless variety of tube effects are possible. Lightning tubes can be made to produce intense, fast moving, white lightning, or a slow, undulating display that wraps and unwraps around the inside of the tube.

Lightning tubes, although straw-like in cross-section, can be formed to almost any shape you'd like - simple or complex, abstract or representational. Even though it's the same glass tubing used in neon signs, the gas inside is specially formulated to ionize (glow) in thin streams of light, much like dancing spaghetti. The motion of the light streams can be manufactured to be slow or fast.

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Plasma Tubes

Shown above are 6" Plasma Tubes in custom stands

Stands are extra - please call or email us for further information. Most tubes are ordered without a stand.

Plasma Tube

Plamsa tubes are similar to plasma globes except the glass is in the shape of a tube, which can be formed into almost any shape, simple or creative. The ionized gas undulates like the Northern Lights, and can be manufactured to change rapidly in an energetic movement, or slowly in a soothing ribbon of light.

Available Colors: Bright Blue (for Plasma tubes) Other colors are 20% less.

Prices: Bright Blue/ Other Colors

1" x 48" - $840 / $675

2" x 48" - $1000/ $840

3" x 48" - $1165 / $1010

4" x 48"- $1650/ $1495

5" x 48"- $2985 / $2635

6" x 48" - $3295 / $2965

Power Supply is not included in the above prices

Power Supply - Price: $450

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with packaging and shipping cost




Plasma Globes/tubes
Hows does a Plasma Globe work?
A plasma device, whether it is a tube or a globe, is a sealed glass piece that has what we call a "plasma" gas mixture inside. The term "plasma" is technically any ionized gas in a discharge tube (fluorescent lights, neon tubes, etc.) In this case it refers to a specific lighting effect. The gas mixture is primarily made up of inert gases such as neon, krypton, xenon, argon, helium, etc. A "dopant gas" mix is mixed in in very small amount to form the thin filaments of light. The dopants gas also helps determine the color of the discharge. These dopants are carefully formulated, without them the globe (or tube) would just glow uniformly and have no filaments. The gas lights up with a high-voltage, high-frequency power supply that essentially broadcasts a field of energy causing the gases to light up, much like the Northern Lights. Nicholai Tesla worked with these devices and published an article describing how to make them as early as 1910. Since a high-voltage field exists around a plasma device, no conductive materials should be used to build the base. The power supply also needs to be located close to the globe. The wiring also needs to be kept away from any other conductive surface. No insulation is sufficient to insulate the wiring from a conductive surface.

Many people ask how long a plasma device will last. They do not just stop working. Over the years the fingers of light will get wider and less bright. This happens gradually. At any time the device can be repumped, depending on how the viewer feels about how the fingers look and how long it has been run (and also how much power is used to run it).

WARRANTY 90 day repair/replacement against manufacturing defects. (Damages due to shipping not covered)


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